#1800Seconds Compilation Project Curated By @Pusha_T (NYC Performance)

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Pusha intro 10 artist courtesy of 1800 Tequila

T he 1800 Tequila brand, host a performance and a private album listening session & performance with Pusha T and 10 other artist who curated by Pusha, came together to create a short but impactful album titled ‘1800 Seconds’. The artist performance along with the unlimited 1800 Tequila drinks at SONY Hall on Thursday night made way for the unsigned under Push, to introduce themselves with the assistance of a three-minute track with the full production and marketing support of a record label.

The new platform with 1800, aims to seek out new sounds within the culture and at its launch, the initiative supported 10 rising artists to release music on a national scale curated by one of Hip-Hop’s veterans. Each of the artists involved was selected by Pusha-T and tasked with recording a track that represented their unique sound to the world.

Pusha-T said:

“Hip-hop is all about staying connected to culture, being inspired by what’s happening on the streets and translating that to your audience. The new 1800 Seconds compilation does just that.”

To celebrate the release of the 1800 Seconds album, all 10 artists performed their tracks live at Sony Hall in New York City, with Pusha-T closing out the show, not before watching the 10 artists include Ant White, Cartel Count Up, Don Zio P, Hass Irv, Monalyse, Nita Jonez, Sam Austins, T Got Bank, Trevor Lanier and Tyler Thomas perform in front of a packed venue.

Peep the promo video feature the 10 young artist and Pusha below

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Pusha intro performance & Streaming after The JUMP!

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