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No real tech advance..

Listen I’m an Apple user but by the way the tech giant has been acting lately there’s nothing of real substance coming out from the company but updated iPhones. There is NO technological advances from the company that solidifies it as a culture changer, but I am positive we will get updated hardware and software from the announcement on scheduled on Wednesday 12th September following some holiday releases. According to various tech enthusiast there will be an updated/re-release on the iPads for the most part with a new stylus feature added for note taking and sketches.

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There will be FOUR major releases / updates made at the event.

The next chapter of iPhones. Rumor has it that Apple has no intentions to compete with the Samsung brand Galaxy series display size. Apple neither show any signs of making a bigger screen nor do they show any signs of competing for screen size on their devices. Safe to say the iPhone 8 & X are safe sizes that will allow Apple to produce something like the 9 or 8S or even a XS device following up to their previous releases.

Apple Watch series will continue while they is no true evidence to support growth of the device, I will say the Series 4 will maintain their current status as it maintains their loyal user base with little to no increase to new users.

‘Air’ feature from their AirPods to pushing forward on their AirPower to increase the usage of wireless charging their devices from the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all on possibly one charging pad which they will introduce later this year. Maybe.

Software updates. If you are like me you did not update the 11.4.2 iOS but will be waiting for the official release of the iOS 12 upgrade which is rumored to create a better user experience starting from the iPhone 6 device without slowing down or running your battery low. Further upgrades to Mac and other devices will follow with the addition of new emojis, fonts, better censors for password protection and improved visual features.

On of the main rumors that has been airing out on various sites is the latest addition of a new Macbook Air which is supposed to retail and be the least expensive laptop the company will every produce. This is probably in response to the Microsoft Surface laptop/tablet feature that will be slowly dissolving the  basic notebook/laptop as we know. I will still stick to my theory that Apple has no true ambition to create no technology. They just maintain their current state of technology.

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