A Detail Look Of Michael Jordan’s 🏀 Legacy w/ The Bulls In The Works

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It’s COMING!!!!

But it’ll have to wait. The newly announced series based on highlighting the legendary basketball player in the history of the sport, Michael Jordan. The titled “The Last Dance” series documentary is schedule to debut on Netflix with in collaboration with ESPN 30 for 30 fortunately, unfortunately in 2019! The docu-series has said to highlight the highs & lows of the career timeline of the greatest player and his time spent with the Chicago Bulls.

Amongst those highlights are;

  • Air Jordan sneaker line with NIKE which has ultimately made MJ a billionaire according to Forbes listings,
  • Brought home two Olympic gold medals being part of the Dream Team, in 1984 and 1992 Olympic Games.
  • Counting only the regular season, there were four instances of MJ scoring over 60 points in a single game.
  • Earning himself the MVP award, five times, securing the NBA title a total of six times with the Chicago Bulls, he also earned best defensive player a titled earned throughout the regular season 9-times. Which made MJ worthy as a defense player as well as his offensive highlights.
  • Among all the highlights MJ’s basketball career spanned 15 seasons; 13 with Chicago Bulls and two with Washington Wizards.
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Just to name a few accomplishments without stats included.

The 10-hour documentary while it has no specific date, is scheduled for 2019 according to the ESPN Tweet. The Last Dance will be directed by Jason Hehir who has reportedly has been sitting through 500+ hours of footage byMandalay Sports Media in association with NBA Entertainment and Jordan’s Jump.23 .

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