#Adidas Taps Partnership With #Twitter To LiveStream H.S. 🏈 Sports

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Friday Night Stripes…

In 2015 Twitter purchased control of the live-streaming software ‘Periscope’ that embedded itself into various feeds on our Twitter TL’s enabling many to stream live video onto their timelines before Instagram & Facebook could of.. Well, the huge brand tech, partnership intends to take the cultural sporting event of football to a National platform through live-streaming. “Nationally ranked teams” from California, Nevada, Indiana, Georgia, and Florida states making up some 25 teams which will be a part of the upcoming free streaming series, that’s intended to begin on September 7th and finish on November 9th.  The games will be available on ‘@aAdidasFballUS’ handle on both mobile and desktop devices, and will be accompanied by a Twitter timeline with additional coverage and tweets from the league commentators and observer interactions.

The issues I find with this much like college football. Who profits? I mean building the buzz around the Football culture in the south is basically a no brainer, but streaming creates interactions that boost activity and profits. Fact that Adidas also a sponsor of the H.S. Football division and Twitter who is an open source social media platform. The question remains who is paid off of all of this? And then unlike various sports media who celebrate the sports partnership, how are they prepared to address their viewers who can either appreciate youth using their freedom of speech to possibly protest or will they gather like a mob for youth who protest during the Nation anthem?  Who defends them then and does this open youth up for more than likely criticism they can handle nationally?

The other side of things is that the culture can open up the game which will allow players more opportunities through college choices and gaining various access to possibly more than they would of with non-existent media, through to educational institutes. Either way the culture and technology is definitely moving into a new path of live streaming.

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