Android P 📱OS Is An Adaptive Software Intended To Give You More Freedom

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the get more for less…

Since Google has announced and released their beta software of the Android P,  according to Android Developers, I’ve learned a considerable amount from the new operating system from the tech giant.  Not only is Google trying to simplify their OS but also creating an eco-system that allows you to live without being glued to your device. While many of us believe this is a choice, Google‘s end goal is to enable this choice with simplicity and better intuitive features from the software.

Android P’s exploits their latest ‘Adaptive’ feature that prioritizes its ‘battery power’ according to TechSPot, for the device’s apps and services you use most. The adaptive feature is also a feature that adapts to brightness as the device “learns” your environment.  Their ‘App Actions’ meanwhile, were created as a task manager that assist in advancing you to your next task by learning your daily task. As an adaptive device, the OS has also been designed to help with app usage, a main battery killer for smart devices, as well as tackles the addiction of using your device. So, the feature, App Timer will let you set limits on app usage in between task, so  Android P will notify you then gray out the app’s icon to remind you of your next scheduled goal.

Android P’s Do Not Disturb mode includes time during the day and evenings by gestures of laying your device on its face and also a bedtime features that alerts you to create specific bedtime habit. So the top features are the App Timers, fewer notification annoyances, more gesture navigation, a screen shot editing, and a smarter device search feature along with an updated font and facelift for the OS.


Google Pixel, the Sony Xperia XZ2, the Nokia 7 Plus, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, the Oppo R15 Pro, the Vivo X21, the Essential PH-1 or the upcoming OnePlus 6. Oddly enough, none of Samsung’s phones made the list as yet to make the transition  debut to Google’s, Android P OS according to their HQ store in NYC.

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