#Apple Rumored To Explore New 🔵/ 🔴 Color-way With Future #iPhone Releases

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Up to four new colors-ways expected

Dropping almost a third in sales, over the second quarter the tech giant is switching up things a little bit more for their third and forth iPhone hardware releases. With models from Oppo, among other Android devices getting into various metallic shades and using the transformation to gain a lot of online buzz. Well iPhone is working on their own and new releases for the rest of the year rumored to feature four colors in the latest drops of iPhone x & 8.

Red, Blue, Gold & Rose gold can be possible in becoming a regular color-way under the Apple umbrella according to set rumors.  According to the site both models will sport a plethora of colors using the 6.5-inch device to offer a black, white and a (new) gold color-way. while the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will apparently debut in “grey, white, blue, red and orange” if they are to expand their visual eye-candy devices to improve their market share. With Android devices holding more than 80% of the global market share this is a character of the iPhone/ Apple should focus on being that the device has had a popular trend with parents who are passing their device down to children and first time users and support in under developed countries.

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Internet rumors continue to say to expect three new devices from the giant, iPhones to launch in the fall along with the official debut to iOS 12 currently making its beta releases.  A spec-bump upgrade to the 5.8-inch iPhone X, a new 6.5-inch OLED ‘iPhone X Plus’, and a slim-bezel 6.1-inch LCD iPhone with Face ID. Prices is expected to hit anywhere from $700 – $1000 for the new releases. No specific feature info has leaked but I’m sure there will be some hype around a leaked email someone sent.

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