#Armani Continues To Develop Next-Gen #Android For Designer ⌚ SmartWear

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IOS App on screen though…

Emporio Armani makes Android-based smartwatches, because Android is an open-source software OS and being able to work closely with Google among other application companies to custom fit designs for their devices. While Apple doesn’t seem to budging on collaborating or sharing iOS with designers, many design empires are taking advantage of the opportunity to debut smart-wear with the Android. Armani being one of them comes with a unique feature of removing the smart touch feature on their bezel.

In the new generation devices, the designer is taking a risk in order to maintain the luxury of the brand, they removed various apps that more so, cluttered the device. Armani stuck with the luxury Fitbits, connecting back to a health and daily routine trackers while they exploiting the apps on both IOS and Android. Even though they look somewhat analog the smart-wear device includes stainless steel bands and rubber bands, smart features like Google Assistant and Google Pay capabilities, heart rate tracking, water resistance, and a built-in GPS sensor for fitness tracking.

The smart-watch, available for pre-order cost between $295 and $395, and will arrive in stores worldwide in September in an array of five shades, from gold to sliver and black.

Peep the other colors after the JUMP

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