#Balenciaga Introduces New 🌊 ‘Power Of Dreams’ Sneaker

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‘Power Of Dreams’ lines inspired by a Grocery store…

The global fashion brand has been making waves already with a string of expensive and some might say ugly none-the-less very expensive pairs of sneakers over the past year to re-emerge the SS2018 fashion season with a new inspired running sneaker, hoodies, tees and plastic grocery shopping bags that comes with its own price tag of $950.

Yes the major fashion released the inspired “Supermarket Shopper” capsule, that has included three takes on the classic disposable plastic carrier bag. The bright in canary yellow the design appears just about on every product, using the edeka logo, replacing its graphic with the balenciaga emblem accompanied by the inspirational line ‘the power of dreams‘.  The recent release is all available at Barney’s online and Balenciaga website.

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