‘Bregma Freestyle’ Release Cuts Through The Clutter. (@Grip_SS)

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T he ATL talent is taking rap into his own hands. I said that because it’s not the usual flow coming out of Atlanta but authentic as ‘boom-bap’ Hip-Hop can come. The storyteller releases the ‘Bregma Freestyle’ that in all honestly has been peeking a lot of interest from social music sites. Not a stranger to rap, Grip does have an outstanding release titled ‘Porch’ dating back to 2017 which deserves some attention that should solidify his quest.

It is safe to say that bars ain’t dead in ATL, followed by some soulful production I want to see Grip embrace his difference more often as well as continue to define himself through consistent releases rather than once in awhile, with his previous being ‘Bernie Mac‘ which is just as solid as Bregma’.  Available on all streaming platforms Grip is about beats & bars.

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Streaming ‘Bregma Freestyle’ HERE


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