Cardi 👌🏽 Serves Official Diss Track W/ #PardisonFontaine. @IAmCardiB #BackinItUp

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I knew it was going to happen but not like this, Cardi steps up and swings a hitta with her latest feature on Pardison Fontaine ‘Backin’ It Up’ track notably to be the intended diss track that officially calls out Nicki on record.  While Cardi’s persona can definitely be over-shadowing on a record like this as she entertains current events, Pardison Fontaine also made his presence known over the loaded drum and bass song that has half a million views on Youtube and counting! No time for Cardi & Pardison to be shy about anything so everything is being brought to the table for Pardison’s unique entry with one of the Queens of Hip-Hop. Featured on the second verse Cardi takes first swing to this Hip-Hop beef!

Verse 2: Cardi B
Look, said I was gettin’ some head, get-gettin’ some head
Ran down on a bitch, she almost pissed on her leg
Bitches think they fuckin’ with me, must be sick in the head
Why don’t you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?
Got the crown, shut it down, have them hype up in the 6
If she dead, let her lay won’t bring no life into this bitch
Lookin’ this good should be a sin, you should call me cinnamon
Cardi B, bad bitch, those is fuckin’ synonyms
We see who winnin’ (see who winnin’), we see who got it (see who got it)
You see I’m still in the bank makin’ deposits (cash)
You see who switched up sides and who was solid (who was solid)
You see who stuck to the code and who forgot it
Talk about it, bitch

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Oh & Cardi aint playing around…

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