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Originals Nation

Evolution of freedom by Tommy Johnson

Our concept of freedom naturally evolves as we mature through life experiences. For example, a toddler’s concept of freedom is simply being able to run fast! Whereas, a teenager’s concept of freedom is to be free from parental supervision.

The descent ofΒ Originals cultural status from the palace to the plantation substantially reframed our collective concept of freedom to the following:


1st –Β EmancipationΒ strived to end slavery

2nd –Β SegregationΒ established a separate functioning society

3rd –Β IntegrationΒ sought after equal access and privileges


The next and highest concept of freedom forΒ OriginalsΒ is to pursueΒ SovereigntyΒ which grants authorityΒ to self govern. The quest forΒ SovereigntyΒ provides independence, statehood and shifts the power relationship between USA andΒ OriginalsΒ Nation.

We must evolve our concept of freedom from protesting/begging to be governed better to pursuing the supreme power of self governance.

A single minded focus on economic power is the first step.

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About Tommy Johnson.

Originals Nation, was created by Tommy Johnson who have had a long history creating a culture of finance and engaging communities in economic solutions.Β  The speaker and activist are currently hosting conferences throughout communities on building wealth in the inner cities. Per-request to contribute articles to our “Money” & “Wellness” readers to further Originals Nation causes and affect on building healthy economics within communities. First step is re-learning how we view freedom and power as a community.

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