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Public Relations & Media Services

On any given day I get abut a hundred emails from upcoming artist and brands  who’s also trying to get in the Trap House, and the fact that I only have a few hours each day to get to each and everyone of them it’s easier if you use any of the services between since they go to my VIP email instead.

So if you don’t already have a relationship with me, please submit your music/videos (with the stipulations below) to my general inbox/iMessage

Include with donation

  • Artist Name
  • Song Name
  • Music: Links ONLY
  • Subject: Short bio, style of music, music video, images & social media tags etc.

– No attachments


1-Star Package

ApplePay text iMessage Suggested Donation $10 – 1 post featuring 1 Artwork + description (limited to a paragraph) of your music. 1 Mp3 single streaming (Tidal, Soundcloud etc) and/or retail (iTunes etc) link + social media links

2-Stars Package

ApplePay text iMessage Suggested Donation $20 – 1 post featuring, 1 Artwork + description (paragraph) of your music video or vlog, + 1 video streaming embed (YouTube, Tidal, Vimeo etc) link + 1 Retail Link + social media links

3-Stars Package

ApplePay text iMessage Suggested Donation $30 – 1 post featuring Artwork + description (paragraph) of your mixtape/album + 1 embed (iTunes, Datpiff, Tidal etc) link + 1 Retail link + social media links

4-Stars Package

ApplePay text iMessage Suggested Donation $40 – 1 post featuring Artwork + description (2 paragraphs) of your apparel/product/brand + 1/2 Retail links + social media links + (up to 7 images of a single product)

5-Stars Package

ApplePay text iMessage Suggested Donation $50 – 1 post featuring Artwork + Written Interview (Article) of a Public Figure/Artist/Designer or other person + Up to 3 paragraphs + up to 5 images for article + social media links

Choose any of the above packages based on your need(s) and we will fulfill them on our site. Take a screen Picture and a link and add it to your EPK. Email me links or a custom article/post request involving content or public figures. NO ATTACHMENTS. Email us for more info or other services we offer in Artist Development & Artist Consulting

ApplePay text iMessage