@Drake Still Doesnt Know WHat #MeekMill Beef Was About But Opens Up About It Anyway

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Drake opens up about beef in detail…

According to Drizzy he still has no idea what the beef was over, could of been over Nicki or other, but the 2-year running beef with Meek Mill has never been fully addressed until now. Not only does, Drake has the OVO Sound follow-up of “More Life” music project.

Dating back their beef started during summer of 2015 when Meek Mill took to Twitter and sent a few tweets accusing Drake. Meek repeatedly accused the OVO frontman, of using a ghost writer now known as “Quentin Miller” to make his

On Quentin Miller: “Quentin Miller is a kid that I was introduced to through Boi-1da. Me and Boi-1da were working on a project at the time and I said to him ‘I really want to do a mixtape, I want to do it quick, I want to surprise people, and I want him to executive produced it.’ So we were working and going through the motions of this project and he said I got this kid that sometimes I send him beats and he just cooks up ideas and he said his ideas are good. So at the time I said let’s collaborate line it up. I started working with this kid and we worked on around five songs together in total, a few of which was on that project and a few of which made their way out. So yeah he was a guy that I collaborated on music with and am proud to sit here in front of you and say that.”

While it took the Toronto rapper a few days to respond with a diss track titled “Charged Up” which resulted in a flurry of memes on social media but also helped Drake land another Billboard charting single. Drake included another diss track two days later titled “Back To Back” which has since earned him a Grammy nomination.

On Meek Mill beef: “Meek Mill at the time, due to some issue with Nicki or whatever it was, decided to create a narrative that I don’t wrote my own music because that was what was convenient for him at the time when he caught wind of it.”

According to Meek, Quentin Miller was the man behind the scenes writing Drake’s hits. CHeck out how the entire interviewed played out according to Drake below

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