#Facebook Adds Security Concerns With New #Portal 🖥️ Camera-Device

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A hackers paradise..

P ortal is a voice operated calling device utilizing FB’s messenger software to create hardware.  Going back a few weeks ago the last time we heard about Facebook it was during a very compromising position when they reluctantly announced that 50 million user accounts were hacked. Most of you were prompted to change your passwords during this time. The hacker(s) stole personal data, from the said 50-million accounts in as little as 5 to 6 weeks ago, prompting FB a high security risk on the internet.

Most worrying of all, though, is what the hack proved while utilizing one of the internet’s biggest corporations. Leading up to their latest innovation release with embedded ‘Alexa’ technology, FB introduces the video calling device, called ‘Portal’.

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While Portal adds the ‘camera-cover’ for physical visibility security there are still concerns of data risk, data archiving of video calls, archiving audio recordings used by Alexa technology, eavesdropping by FB and hackers & given the fact that 90% of Facebook’s revenue comes from their intrusive ads which uses previous data stored on your device to boost revenue. Despite my claims and my concerns the company claims on the Best Buy product page that…

“Facebook doesn’t listen to, view or keep the contents of your Portal video calls. Calls on Portal are encrypted, so conversations stay between you and those you’re calling.”

Portal makes bold claims of its featured security additions of being able to disable the use of the smart camera & adjust features that allow you to externally and completely disable the microphone with a single tap or block the camera lens (clip provided) as many of us have done with our laptops. The product is available in two models both portrait and landscape (images below).


While I feel this is a use at your own risk product, basically coming from FB who does not already maintain a great security image, the idea, product is a great tool into moving into a futuristic world with the use of their Android operated devices. More-so we’re ready for those flying cars and cable TV embedded into our spectacles with that ear-piece so small you can’t see it in someone’s ear. 


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