Get Your @MoviePass Ready For August 2018 🎬 Release – #Yardie & #KinMovie Among The Debut

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Mutants and superheros are a thing…

It’s been becoming increasingly aware that mutants & Superheros are things to focus on this summer. While Drama & Thrillers take a back seat, the genres this summer are sci-fi flix with a combination of incredible human super powers.  Thankfully there are some other movies that still fit into the summer vibes. As usual I have included a number of genres to fill the best needs to close the summer out. Including Jordan Peele’s most anticipated follow up movies titled ‘BlacKkKlansman’. The movie comes on on the heels of the celebrated ‘Get Out’ multi-award winning film release in February 2017.  Jordan Peele originally made his debut on the sketch comedy show on Comedy Central.

There are a lot more good things to enjoy this summer especially if you have the Movie Pass app that allows you to choose one of two feature that saves you money beit a 4 movies a month at 7.99 or a movie a day for the month at 9.99.

Check out the trailer for ‘Slender Man’ movie after the JUMP

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