Get Your @MoviePass Ready For July 2018 Movies 🎬 Release – #SorryToBotherYou Among Others

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By now everyone who read my movie picks understand that I’m a lover of sci-fi and horror flix as well as comedy it has been proven time and again that sci-fi among others win at the box office. Comedy flix are usually pass/aggressive and full of cynical jokes which for the right movie can be just right. Which is he case for Sorry To Bother You which brings a really great cast to the forefront to celebrate ambition for the much needed. We also have a follow up from Denzel Washington, Marvel addition & a debut sci-fi from Jackie Chan who for much of his life has done on scene action.

To cap off the month I’ve also included some horror flicks that takes you into mid-summer. Expect to see a lot of promo being done this month as well as the opportunity to cop a subscription to the Movie Pass app that allows you to either watch a movie every day for the month for $9.99 or watch a movie once a week with the $7.99 subscription passes. Both great deals depending on how much time you have as a movie lovers like me. Check out the releases of seven of my movie picks comedy, sci-fi, action, & horror to bring in the summer of 2018…

Check out the trailer for ‘Our House’ after the JUMP…

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