Getting Your Feet Wet: How The Business Of #Sneakers Can Create Wealth For You (Interview w/ @DeeWellsOSD @OSDLive)

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getting your feet wet

There’s a business in a hobby…

While the sneaker culture continues to gain popularity across the globe, there is a growing business outside of sneaker branding.  Unlike any other product, the sneaker brands are becoming more involved in the (resale) trading, buying and selling of sneakers alongside independent self-titled collectors, who are growing the emerging business from within the culture.  Sneaker trade shows are gaining momentum and so are the self-identified sneaker enthusiast. As part of the personal-finance article we interviewed Dee Wells.

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Wells, best known as the co-founder and partner of the niche culture titled Obsessive Sneaker Disorder ( He also has a hand in curating the Brooklyn Museum (The Rise Of Sneakers) exhibit, currently on display. We asked the sneaker culture curator about alternative investments other than the now-common selling, buying and trading of sneakers.

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