@Giants Former Running-Back Co-Founds #Cannabis Investment 💰 Firm

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A s early as 2015 the Hall Of Fame running-back has been an out-spoken source on the use of medical cannabis and the rules that regulate the drug among those in general population and those who suffer from injuries within the sports industry. Tiki Barber, retired from the NFL at the end of the 2006 NFL postseason as the Giants’ all-time rushing and reception leader has maintained a position on the drug as well as up’d his interest in working with the growing popularity of cannabis as well as acquiring & co-founding an investment firm.

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The designing of the firm is not only Tiki’s entry into the weed complex but also a new business model designed to tackle and socially engage with those through to promote diversity. Tiki expresses that the firm’s has a specific requirement in its hiring practices, and that’s especially to target and hire those with previous cannabis experience. In others words he and his firm / co-partners will maintain a level of diversity preferably working with those who have had a difficult time landing jobs due to past minor marijuana convictions, the growing public acceptance of cannabis notwithstanding.

Tiki Barber putting his money where his mouth is launched the company in New York three years after making a statement about his interview on Twitter about the NFL’s involvement in wrongfully penalizing players who use the drug for a medicinal purposes.


With the headquarters located in New York City, Grove Investments plans on investing in businesses in North America but also I think will have a heavy hand in the changing of the laws especially in the New York City area and the reduction of punishment that targeted those in the minority areas. The Grove Investments is seeking to make transactions in the $5 million to $15 million range; however, smaller and/or larger deals, will also be considered in creating the necessary impact needed in the city.


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