Here’s What You Do If You’re Tired 😤 Of Kanye’s Antics (Make Kanye Great Again)

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Sometimes you gotta fall back

T he great things we enjoyed about the newly renamed, Ye was his passion. We’ve learned about his excitement for the arts through stories like how he jumped on the table and rap’d for Jay Z, to how he rap’d ‘Through The Wire’, while he had his mouth wired shut due to a car accident. But the one thing we don’t miss about Ye is his recent slew of obnoxious monologues he’s been classifying as dialogues.  Well lucky for us the NYT & WSJ Bestselling author of So You Want To Talk About Race has a few suggestions that will help reduce your anxiety and the public idiocracy he’s been displaying from him exploits of deciding to not read books because he practices free thought, to abolishing the 13th amendment which made slavery illegal for the entire country. Meanwhile there are ways you can disengage from the public anxiety being perpetuated by the far right including Kanye.

According to Ijeoma Oluo, the best way to reduce your frustrations about Kanye and his doings are to…

  • Block him on social media
  • Remove his music from your playlists
  • Refuse to watch when he tries to explain himself on TMZ
  • Stop buying his music & shoes
  • Disengage from him completely.

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Going on a diet from any news about Kanye seems like the best idea to have at the moment. We have enough things going today to allow his shenanigans to bring stress into our daily lives. Honestly though he really should be getting back to music but not without acknowledging his accomplishments in the creative sphere. When he comes back around to support the people that supported his career we’ll be there not without a public apology, till then leave him and let’s see how far the MAGA crowd  will take him. Because we all know the MAGA crowd does not support his Yeezy clothing line nor do they support his music of any kind. So what’s his end goal other than promoting an album re-scheduled a month from now?

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