How Many Blunts Were 💨 In @1NateSavage ‘Blunted’ Music Video?

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Nate’s litttyyyyy

The Dallas, Texas, vibes and homage to the 420 culture comes with respect from the lyricist ‘Nate $avage’ in his newly released “Blunted” music video. The then 17-year old release his debut 9-track mixtape titled “Personal Vibes” back in 2014 with some production from Metro Boomin & Grizzly 808. Since then the support and the culture and freedom of the Cannabis culture has spread widely due to the repealed laws to various states.

Nate kept the good times going all the way up in the latest release of the smoke filled video for ‘Blunted.’ The visuals shows a brief preview of any smoker’s day who enjoys the recreation of Cannabis.  The track, produced by his brother Redd Bangz, will appear on the forthcoming release Cruise Pack, according to Nate. Watch the music video below while counting the number of blunts that were lit.

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