#iOS12 Promises Better 📱… Everything From #GroupFacetime To #Siri App Improvements

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iPhone improvements..

For the past year everyone, okay not every one but almost everyone I know has taken issue with the iOS from Apple that simply would not improve. Despite adding the few features and emojis, the iOS did not satisfy but did get Apple in some trouble as they admitted in previously releasing OS that purposely slowed down older smart devices. Well a lot has changed, cheaper cost for battery replacements as the iOS takes aim at maintaining devices rather than shortening their lifespans. The iOS 12 is days away from making its debut but you can get your beta version on the Apple website before the push/official release if needed. 

Along with the OS release there are a few things being targeted to help iPhone users keep their devices up and working rather than force hardware upgrades. Particularly in older model users, Apple is working to make iOS 12 feel faster than ever. The iOS is said to be between 40% to 70% faster on various older models. 


Apple is working to speed things up as mentioned for the full range of devices supported by iOS 12 release iPhone 6 and up. The company is also focused on times when devices are under heavy loads either affected by work or weather issues than target performance.  iPhones and iPads will now be better at delivering optimal performance while also prolonging its battery life and improving operation for all applications stock and third party. The expectations are being able to work and be social without having to cool your device down and avoiding crashes all around. 


Apple is introduction their own version of group notifications similar to the older Blackberry ‘Hub’ features that maintain all incoming communications in and out of the device. This ‘grouped notifications’ will as describe group communications in stacks rather than scrolls utilizing the vibrate, private, quiet & sound feature notifications to reduce an already complicated locked screen.


The latest to the Animoji feature is adding a ‘snapchat’, ‘IG’ like technology where the screen senses tongue movements and will mimic it as you perform for the selfie cam.  You can expect that action in your texts more often. There is also an added feature that attempts to bring emojis closer to resembling the user’s image in the new upgrade. 

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While there were many rumors in forums and blogs, about the Facetime app not being able to launch in time along with the iOS 12 debut it’s still part of the plan to incorporate one of the most requested feature’s to the device. Facetime although creates heavy use on the device and needed memory will introduce through iOS 12 the Group FaceTime sessions that can include up to a 32 people to a chatroom. No mention if the feature will be expanded into Macbooks yet. 

Introduces it’s own 

  • Measuring App
  • ArKit 2
  • Carplay

Along with a much needed improvements all around on stock apps within the iPhone & iPad expect to see improvements in processing and visual upgrades. Talking about the iPad there was no mention of a version release nor did it mention AirPower charging during their last event and maybe there will be or maybe not before the holiday season kicks around.

Warning.. Before you upgrade please back up your device!

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