It Took #Bugatti Over A Million #LEGO Bricks To Build The Lifesize 🏎️ #Chiron

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LEGO & Chiron takes a test drive..

N ot too long ago, LEGO and the sports car brand Bugatti shared their love for the popular Chiron model by releasing a mini-LEGO toy version of the sports car. Well all that love for the Bugatti cars through even in a larger way by challenging the designers at Bugatti to brand brand the latest Chiron model with its own lifesize LEGO version. The model was also designed to carry an active driver.

So Bugatti and LEGO got back together for a rematch with LEGO’s brick masters themselves, who happily accepted the challenge with the design team at Bugatti. The 1 out of 1, car completely functional, not to compete with the real deal – the Bugatti Chiron.

According to Bugatti, over one million LEGO bricks were used in the building of the Chiron, 13,500 hours of hard work, and around 339 types of LEGO Technic elements replaced each visible curve of the sports car. Further more the car is said to weigh in at 1.5 tones including LEGO bricks and its 2,304 motors and 4,032 LEGO Technic cogs make the car generate five horsepower! LEGO put together and shared a video to celebrate the accomplishment by both teams.

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Peep the images and the video of the LEGO x Bugatti Chiron.

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