Jordan Peele Introduces ‘#Us’ To Doppelganger Thriller 🎦 (Trailer)

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How does it feel to fight yourself?

M onkey Pay (Jordan Peele’s production company) and Universal Pictures recently dropped the trailer for the epic film ‘Us’ scheduled for a huge 2019 release. The movie comes as a follow up to director Jordan Peele’s widely acclaimed 2017 thriller Get Out which grossed $255 million worldwide on a $4.5 million budget, with a net profit of $124 million, making it a top 10 most profitable film of 2017.

While Hollywood uses race in a stereotypical fashion, Peele acknowledges the significance of race and the use of it as he furthers his exploration into how race can be used to create epic film.  A yet untapped resource to his success, Peels uses it as a significant corner stone to the success of his production. Said Peele, “I can’t think of a horror movie of this nature with a family in the center of it that uses a black family. So I knew just by putting an African-American family in the lead role, already we would be exploring cinematic uncharted territory.” (EW)

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The film unfolds with a middle class family enjoying a summer retreat only to be upturned by the appearance of four figures, which is made evident to be the family’s opposite. The doppelganger thriller takes off and leads us into a struggle for survival between the families. Only one can survive.

Check out the trailer release below..


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