@KenifMuse Summer Time Release Features A πŸ”€ #BreakUpPlayList

break up playlist
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The New Jersey-based singer Kenif Muse is delivering a quality over quantity 2-track EP titled BreakUp Playlist. Executive produced by Hotman, the project exhibits Muse’s melodicΒ Trap influenced music style through a the continues 2-track EP.Β Β Kenif barrels through the emotions as titledΒ β€œIgotchu” and β€œBreakUp Playlist” to explain an emotional case of the ex. For the past year, Muse has been consist with his sound hence hisΒ repertoire with producer Hotman as well as having similar skills to be self-produced as well. More muisc can be discovered through his Soundcloud channel as far as as two years ago of self production. Available for music streaming on all major platforms, I recommend a listen and see what the young R&B soul singer has to give.

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