#Lebron Help Launch Official Headphones 🎧 With #NBA

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Lebron bring former investment back..

Back in 2014 James was reported to walk away with $30 Million after the Apple buyout of the Beats By Dre technology brand. Today the globally known athlete along with help from the former tech company is helping make the Beats By Dre headphone line as the sponsored headphone of the NBA brand. So expect to see lots of those commercials as brands increasingly begin to support and side with athlete/activist in and out of the sports culture. Beats by Dre become the official supplier of headphones, wireless speakers, and other audio gear for the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, and US national basketball team.

James has appeared in more than his share of commercials that introduced their new athletic / sweat resistant line to making the brand the all around sponsored brand for the league. James on the other hand has been very busy with the launch of the public school in Ohio, to his recent venture with NIKE and WNBA, his support for the WNBA and his new all women design team in Harlem.

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I would say James is having a great year as an athlete and activist but all around brand as he preps his final years with the NBA and his debut with the Lakers. I do think James is preparing to more active in sports as a spokesman or something like a Union man, just a hunch. Check out the release with an assist from the Warriors.


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