Making Sense Of #DonaldGlover Cryptic Massages #ThisIsAmerica Music 📺

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Seven scenes that stood out!

Over the weekend social media celebrated with another release from the inspiring Donald Glover. AKA, Childish Gambino who once did his own rants on social media, premiered two new songs on Saturday Night Live one being an uptempo feel good record and the other was release on Youtube while he performed. The titled song ‘This Is America” filled with gems and cryptic messages should have you watching again and again to find meaning to what is being visually communicated.

Choreographed by Sherrie Silver and directed by Hiro Murai, is visualled jam packed with four-minutes of representations of his own interpretations of “This Is America”, packaged through a well thought-out, well organized sequence of actions or representations of a larger image. The music video opens with a visual of a guitar, seated vertically inside of a warehouse. The rest is up for appreciation. The one thing we can all agree on is that Glover highlights the issue of Gun Violence.

Seven Scenes to dissect after the JUMP!

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