#Mclaren 🏎️ Designed A Three-Seater They Named #Speedtail

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at $2.3 Million…

T here are a lot of talking points for the new release images of the Mclaren’s three seater sporting what they called ‘speedtail’. The tear drop design cabin comes with a one of a kind driver seat directly located in in the center of the front row will two passengers in the rear. The sports car has been making its round on social media and cars shows, as celebrities and car fans take to Instagram to post pictures of the latest Mclaren at a starting price of $2.3 Million.

Described Mclaren as ‘a momentous unity of art, technology and velocity, the limited release of the car has already sold out. That’s right all 106 of the limited edition of the sports car is already snatched up by Mclaren’s VIP’s.  The unique three passenger hyper-GT as Mclaren’s admit’s is their first hypercar. A hybrid powertrain built with a 1,035-horsepower and speeds of up to 403km/h (250mph) making the ‘Speedtail’ the fastest the luxury sports car designer and manufacturer has ever built. The lightweight, – breathable – carbon fiber body, it is the most aerodynamically drag efficient mclaren designed with advanced electrochromic glass darkens top of the windscreen at the touch of a button.



I know sounds crazy but what does it all mean? The entire design of the car including the materials enables the speedtail not only to receive the approval of the VIP’s but also making the P1 model able to accelerate from zero to 186mph in 12.8 seconds with an interior furnished in a new lightweight leather to enjoy.

Hit the jump for aa closeup of the Speedtail after the JUMP

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