Most Popular Social Media Account In 2018 📈 Is Instagram, Followed By…

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followed by Selena Gomez and Soccer star Ronaldo

Ending the year with a highlight, the statistic research brand Statista presented a ranking of the most popular Instagram accounts as of September 2018, and holding. They sorted the most popular accounts not by activity but by the highest numbers of followers. Leading the top 10 pack is Instagram 260 Million followers also holding the top brand spot, Singer Selena Gomez coming in as the most-followed person sharing app platform with more than 143 million followers and the soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo, making him not only 3rd on the overall list but the most followed athlete and male on the platform.

Singer Beyonce followed by Kim K and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson also coming in at number 7 on the overall chart but also the top actor to make the charts this year. Heart throbs Kylie, Taylor Swift and Justin B, are followed at 8th through 10. With two month to go I doubt there will be quite a change but you never know who 20 Million new accounts might want to follow given Instagram host to a little over a billion accounts.

Instagram audiences are predominantly young – recent U.S. data states that half of Instagram users are aged 34 years or younger. Spring 2018 data reveals that Instagram is also one of the second-most important social networks of teenage internet users and one of the most-visited social networks among teenagers in the United States.


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