N.Y. Rap Group @ShaqnLivin Re-Invent Sound W/ 🔁 #Boomin MP3 Release

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Following local legends…

A new take on New York rap is being made by the emerging rap group who is looking to redefine the local scene right here in NYC. With singles between ‘The Latest’ & ‘Go Get Money’ the new rap group is seemingly creating a balance between the gritty sound of the city streets, while maintaining face and versatility between bars and a good look.  According to the duo’s Soundcloud account there has been a steady release of music every other month or so. The last compilation project that came out of the group were when they were even younger back in 2015. Maybe something is in the works with the recent spotting of music videos seen on RevoltTV.

While there is a lot to cover, when speaking about new comers on the rap scene, ‘Shaq N Livin’ takes shape as they cover music as a ‘group’ and not as solo artist or basic features. I look forward to seeing the group featuring Trey Livin & Shaq take shape, as NYC prepares to add them to the likes of local staples of the rap scene. Peep the release of ‘Boomin” below.


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