#Nas’s Venture Capital Investment In #PillPack Pays Off In 💰 $1-Billion Buy Out From Amazon

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Nas’s QB Investment scores another WIN!

Nas recently took on a few investments in the past couple of years. These initial investments I think is safe to say has paid off bigly for the QB rapper who is currently also celebrating the release of his ‘Nasir’ album produced entirely by Kanye West. Not only did Nas invest in the Trimmer product from the men’s & women’s hair treatment, Bevel company, the VC also had a hand in investing and selling the company to Amazon ‘Ring’ from a $4.5 Million invest to securing a hefty bag in the Doorbell Security company.  “Ring” a wireless/digital doorbell system, which ultimately sold to the emerging conglomerate, Amazon for $1.2 Billion dollars early in 2018, has earned Nas average $40-million, along with his six VC partners first round investment. In another invest in the PillPack (a pre-sorted medication company) it was announced that the pharmaceutical company was acquired by Amazon for another $1-Billion which gives Nas another cool $40-million in his pocket.

The PillPack owners have secured their own bags earnings, giving them $100-million each according to CNBC reports. The deal, reportedly worth around $1-billion in cash, is an intentional blow to retail rivals like Walmart and Riteaid as well as many mom-&-pops pharmacies. QueensBridge Venture Partners invests $100,000 to $500,000 in a company, Nas’s manager and partner Anthony Saleh told CNBC. For each 100 companies pitching to QueensBridge Ventures, less than three receive funding making PillPack one of those lucky companies that was able to work with Nas and his VC company.

The investors in PillPack, which include Accel, Sherpa Capital and New York rapper Nas’s Queensbridge Venture Partners, own about about 60 percent of the company.

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