@Netflix Promises Two Stand-Up Comedy Specials From #DaveChappelle This Week

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Dave Chappelle Netflix Special

Two-Special this year?

Back in November, the black comedian made a reappearance on SNL which helped the Saturday Night TV show hold on to very high ratings. Not only did Dave appear on the late night comedy skit TV show but it was later announced while his Trump jokes hit homers with America, news broke that Dave Chappelle connected with Netflix for three new programs to stream on the platform.

Two of those shows now have a release date as of Tuesday March 21st, as promised and the other still unknown.  Netflix combined Two-Cities, One Show feature will show Chappelle’s never-seen stand-up specials from Austin City Limits and The Hollywood Palladium will hit the site on March 21st.

Netflix dropped the trailer for the shows, and the video collected over 1.5 Million views since it’s youtube debut.

Will Dave live up to the hype?

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