New York @Giants Prep A 2015 Team For A Possible #Superbowl50? #NYGiants #NYG Schedule Inside

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While the Superbowl 49 champs, Patriots are under heavy investigation for allegedly tampering with official game “footballs”, finding camera evidence of the person they also know as the “the deflator”, the Giants recoup their team for another season under the coaching of Tom Coughlin.

Signing 2 draft picks while they terminated the contracts of receiver Kevin Ogletree and linebacker Terrell Manning, the team went on to sign six other undrafted rookies. The the late draft picks were announced last week before moving into training camp in New Jersey.  The announcement came as they sign safety Mykkele Thompson, a fifth-round choice out of Texas, and offensive lineman Bobby Hart, a seventh-round selection from Florida State, plus the six undrafted rookies.

Coach was interviewed by BigBlue and explained why he choose to “mix things up a bit” with his draft selections.

“You would like to take the draft choices and college free agents that have been signed and accelerate their learning. Throw a lot at them and see how they handle it,” Coughlin said. “For the invited players, you are evaluating. You are trying to see if they can help you and what capacity they might help you versus some of the opportunities you have here. You have a lot of things in mind for this.”

The 2015 season kicks of official September 10th 2015 which goes all the way to Superbowl 50 scheduled for February 7th, 2016 event.

NFL 2015 Regular Season Week 1 Schedule

Rule changes

The following rule changes were passed for the 2015 NFL season at the owner’s meeting on March 25, 2015:

  • Allow a certified medical trainer to call a medical time-out when a player appears disoriented and/or concussed. This time-out is not to be charged to the team whose player is injured, even inside the two-minute warning. The only substitution allowed is for the injured player and for a single player from the opposing team to match up.
  • Making the practice of a receiver declared ineligible lining up in the slot formation illegal; ineligible receivers must line up inside the tackle box.
  • Extended the restriction for peel-back blocks to include all of the offensive team instead of just those inside of the tackle box.
  • Expanded the definition of a “defenseless receiver” to include intended receivers in the air during and after an interception.
  • Making offensive backs who chop a defender engaged above the waist by another offensive player subject to a chop-block penalty (15 yards).
  • Pushing teammates at the scrimmage line during punts/field goals is illegal.
  • Expanded instant replay to include whether time should be put back on the game clock at the end of a quarter, half, or an overtime period.
  • Linebackers can now be numbered 40-49.



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