Nike Sets Its Eyes on Re-Releasing SB DUNKS In 2019

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Staples capsule pieces the first to come…

S taple Designer, a legend in NYC streetwear, Jeff Staple and Nike SB has had a long outstanding relationship throughout the years dating back to the Nike SB Dunks 2005’s “Pigeon”.  They have teamed up on past pieces such as the SB Dunks, hats, & other athletic gear only to be met with yet again, at the top of 2019. The first thing NIKE and the team at SB will be focusing on is teaming up to release another Pigeon Dunk capsule.

As the NIKE retail opportunity holds no punches, they have exploited the Jordan brand all year in 2018 by the revival of its retros in various colorways, what else have they got to offer? One, they still have a couple pieces of those Virgil Abloh Air MAX collaborations to take them into 2019 apart from the introduction of their latest ‘React’ model that won sneaker of the year. But face it the last time anything new from NIKE caught on fire was their Dunks during the 2000’s & the ‘Roshe Run’ running models that came in every colorway imaginable. Now NIKE is trying to revive the ‘SB Dunks’ model in hopes that they will be able to add steam to the long existing skateboard model with the addition of Staple.

Pigeon Dunk is scheduled to be released at the top of the year, dressed in a black and white color (panda style) colorway. We can see the unique parody print inside of shoes as well as the translucent sole of the sneaker. Nike SB Pigeon dunk low will be available at Nike outlets in mid January along with jumpers and other athletic gear.

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