#Puma Gives #Optimus 🚛 & #Bumblebee 🐝 A Fashion Makeover W/ #Transformers Apparel

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Second Transformer installment..

L ast year the Hasbro’s Transformers crew with two-Autobot & two-Decepticons included made their fashion debut through sneaker releases last year. With a recent addition the PUMA athletic brand has just announced the release of two Autobots including two of the movies leading robotic characters Optimus Prime & Bumblebee leading the collaborations with the PUMA RS-X model. The franchise has been around since 1984 leading in every epic release since then to their raise in recent pop-culture. You can call the two Autobots pop-stars is you may as they are featured on two of PUMA’s most popular releases late November.


Dipped in their signature colorways the two Cybertronians, Bumblebee’s pair comes done in what Footlocker describes as a Quiet Shade and Cyber Yellow color scheme, while Optimus’ sneaker pair displays a combination of Dazzling Blue and High Risk Red & it wouldn’t be official without adding the Autobot’s signature emblem on the heel in metallic silver of the sneakers. While underneath both tongue tags in white, and sitting opposite of each character’s own head on each co-branded insole design.

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