@PyerMoss Debut Epic #NYFW Runway Show #SS19 For Streaming 💻

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D uring the SS19 New York fashion week, Pyer Moss put on one of the most talked about fashion shows for this year’s attendees and the online community. Even though it rained the weather did hold up for the models wearing the Spring/Summer 2019 designs by Pyer Moss successfully hit the runway. One of the most unique outside shows came with the gems of entertainment as Pyer Moss not only translated greatness into art, but also used the platform to declare a bold stance with Black America as the back drop.  The choir that highlighted the moment achieved its desired goal as it added time and setting allowing Moss’s designs to grace the runway. While the season release did not come with out commentary I being guilty of such,  I think Pyer achieved the desired goal and created the opportunity to pair the brand with consciousness while solidifying the brand as a high-end contributor to the fashion industry.

The entire runway event was record and released on Pyer Moss’s website and is available to stream below.

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