#Samsung Attempts The Bendable ‘📱’ As Early As Next Year

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The foldable smart-phone may be in production.

The device that would probably cost upwards of $1500 – $2500 may see some traction as early as 2019 according to a Samsung leak reported by the Wall Street Journal. This phone is assumed to feature a 7-inch display that can bend in half to transform it into a wallet shape. The idea has been toyed with since 2008 by various Android developers and displayed during yearly CES conventions since. Both Samsung, LG and Lenovo has been showing off their various versions of ‘bendable’ smart devices every chance they get. While reports of the rumor make its way around the Internet, it also should be noted that the same rumor from Samsung via Mashable, came out last year like clockwork.

The screen can be folded in half, allowing the exterior on the housing to show a small display bar on one side and cameras on the other, according to the WSJ. With several phone makers said to be developing models Samsung might be the first to beat the race but, will they be able to beat the competition to in pioneering the technology and possible future wearables and the creation of a flagship device in for the technology brand.

A Samsung bendable phone patent The Verge

Small guess it might be a little bit longer than Winter/Spring 2019 and it will be priced far beyond the the early $1000’s. My guess it will be marketed to gamers & another version for the ultra wealthy who are willing to pay for a Android device in the $2000 G’s range. I might want you to hold me to that though since we rarely never get technology on time nor at an affordable price tag. Below is a 2013 Youtube video during the Keynote at CES announcing the Youm Flexible OLED Displays.


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