#Samsung Plans One-Of-A-Kind Foldable 📱 Launch In 2019 #SDC18

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the ‘Infinity Flex’ Display is here!

T hat trade in life is going to be real once this device is release. I don’t care what my iPhone friends are going to think. Today Samsung revealed that despite all the hoopla about foldable devices hitting the internet, this is the realest it has ever gotten. With the device titled ‘Infinity Flex‘ Display making its introduction on Wednesday ‘s SDC18, rumors continue to pour in that the device can make the shelves of carriers as early as 2019.

Google has already added that their latest Android OS will enable the first foldable device’s ability to move its lucid screen from one panel to a second, fluidly.  The hybrid gadget from the tech company will be able to transform from a phone into a tablet by simply extending its screen size, by opening the second panel. And so in reverse to go from tablet to phone. While there were no more details following the announcement, Samsung did demonstrate how the device works by simply opening and closing it for the crowd. The technology brand has also announced its plans to go into mass production in the matter of months. Possibly hitting the hype by early summer?


The device is yet a mystery, I’m sure techies are going to want to get their hands on for reviews but mostly for the enjoyment of being part of the ever changing landscape Samsung is providing. Would you make the switch?


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