Samsung Preppin A Debut With Their New #S8 And #S8Edge Release Later This Month

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Samsung S8 Edge

Samsung bring new features to smartphone devices ahead of Apple..

Over the weekend blogs and online ads have been flooding you with info and professional views of the upcoming and recent underdog in the smartphone game, Samsung. Just to recap what happened to Samsung last release of the S7 & S7 Edge was an event that could’ve very much ended the company life line within the year. But fortunately for Samsung seems like the company survived the year to re-emerge with another release as schedule of the improved S8 & S8 Edge devices.

While Apple it’s main competitor has gained some traction to the smartphone market, Samsung upcoming release can easily make a dent to Apple new endeavors with their latest technological advances though the devices features.

Things Remain The Same

Some things that will remain the same is the Samsung’s Charging adaptor, while past promises has insisted wireless charging is the future, the device will remain with an adaptor to the device to ensure charging and an improved cradle manufactured by Samsung. single release speaker, headphone adaptor will both remain the same. Curved displays. Samsung continues to maintain their love for screen sizes and curved screens.

Things That Have Improved


As mentioned above everything that will be included in the phone has improved.  The charging  dock is a new lightning dock for the S8 and S8 Edge, Tops Android best devices of the year again, an improved designed body with seamless edges, with a champagne, black and grey hard body adding an improved finger print scanner to the back of the phone rather than in front.

Things That Are New


While much of the design is stunning spec from tech blogs some of the biggest smart phone tech additions are coming from Samsung. They have a great new Selfie cam with a 12 mp, an all new assistant. So while there is an option to add Cortana or Google Assistant to your device, Samsung is introducing an all new AI assistant called “Bixby” promised to be more in depth with your device. Taking pictures, finding products and scheduling events can all be done with voice activations. Samsung dedicated an entire side button to the feature in hopes that they will win you over. The home button no longer exist while the finger scanner has been moved to the rear of the device next to the camera, which leaves the front of the device able to rock a longer more fluent screen side to side. Instead a virtual home button was added which often disappears while the screen is in use. Iris and facial scanners have been added to the front of the camera which serves as a lock and unlock to the device. Can we hope for an improved battery with an improved use of the bluetooth.

If you preorder the S8, you get:

  • Gear VR (2017) and Controller
  • Oculus game pack

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