Save Your Sneakers W/ #ONFAdd x #Atmos Unisex Waterproof 🧦 #RainSocks

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Save the shoes…

We can admit there’s nothing worst than getting your sneakers soaked in a rain storm, but, ONFAdd, a Japanese lifestyle design brand, known for its concepts that explore and improve the lives of its users using various utility solutions. A disposable solution but a solution none the less. Their main goal is not only to provide a utility to its users but also durability to preserve our stylish lifestyles. In an introduction to their footwear accessory line, the company designed and manufactured a weather proof ‘rain sock’ aimed to protect sneakers during rain storms. While the sock is proven to do such there are limits to which it can be worn such as the amount of times it can be used and various temperatures required to preserve its durability.

The external rain sock, made in silicone rubber ensures durability for the intended protection use from rainy weather conditions while allowing interior branding to shine through with its translucent material & external prints among others to be made for fashion purposes. The product maintains an easy to carry packet & the ability to be dyed in a number of colors or left transparent to combine with your favorite sneaker silhouette, like a see-through shoe accessory.

I’m surprised but not really that Atmos of all brands hopped on the opportunity to collaborate (introduce the product in the U.S.) with the brand over Stance, better known for their sock collaborations in the fashion market. Not only is this an introduction to the contemporary fashion market by ONFAdd but also I think that brands like Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, & Stance will follow soon, designing & discovering their own fittings and prints for sale in the near future.

More pictures of ONFAdd & Atmos x ONFAdd collabo after the JUMP!

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