Smartphone 📱 Design Reimagined Using Unsuspecting Shapes & Colors

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Is it about the tech or style?

Nicknamed ‘Wild Type’ the designers: Eli Block & Fahredin Kosumi almost always seem to welcome the challenge of re-imagination. Featured on design-boom there were a few things almost all smartphones today have in common.  At least 3 things the device strives to maintain beginning with a consistent rectangle shape, a massive screen that is concave to the shape of the device’s bezel, and a unibody design that’s almost always aluminum. While the run of devices are shared between the Android and iOS operating systems, this wasn’t the case 15 years ago. I remember smartphones or not so smartphone which were basically used for calling and texting besides music, came in much more unconventional forms.

The recent collection is designed to supporting mainly three diverse shapes, sizes, and colors schemes, along with capabilities optimized for operating system flexibility, privacy, augmented reality, and extended battery life among other things, the devices are an adventurous departure from tradition. Peep the shapes below and think about if this were reality how would you use it in your daily lives of style and technology connivence.





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