Snapchat Releases Clout Chasing For The Dogs

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New lenses take over snap…

W hile Snap chat filters were a leading cause to be on social media and partially the reason we all went clout crazy, it has taken a dip, but maybe with the recent release of lens for dog & dog lovers lovers we’ll see if the new tech and added fan base gives the tech company a reach in their stock prices currently holding at $5.42 as of December 26th 2018. Snapchat on the whole first gained their user base by creating facial lenses that gave its users animalistic features. The company is going full circle, and have introduced lenses specifically for dogs and those dog lovers.

The new lenses were created specifically for dogs’ features on Snapchat, meaning that people can take photos or videos of their dog(s) and give their animals friends some share of the clout on social media. Although the additional lenses for dogs are adorable, it’s not Snapchat’s first foray into the pet market. The company first launched special lenses for cats last month hoping that the additional release keep their company ahead of the curve.

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Dog specific lenses are available on Snapchat right now…

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