Spotify’s New Wear OS App Means More Streams 🔁 & They Know This

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Getting it right..

T he game is all about streams & the music streaming company Spotify, who’s also been boasting as of June 2018, has published that they tote about 83 million paying subscribers worldwide according to Statisa, has announced today that it’s rolling out a new Wear OS (Android) app in the coming week. The standalone Wear OS app has been noted to be one fo their most improved devices over the previous Spotify app for Android Wear. Previously leaving many Android users relying heavily on third-party apps to play their music through the streaming service. The new Spotify for Wear OS brings improved controls for music playback and browsing through playlists. Most importantly, it adds the Spotify Connect feature that enables the user to play music straight from their connected bluetooth speakers, Sonos speakers, or any other device they have set up with Spotify Connect feature.

The app works with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE, so you can listen and control what you listen to from a podcasts from your phone to laptop through your bluetooth speakers.

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This is definitely what Spotify needs to be doing among others. Listening to their users and trying to arrange their user experience in a manner that will not only perform better thus allowing users to stream more content, more of the times but also continue to build their algorithm. Thanks to streaming music services, record labels reported record-breaking revenue last year.  In 2017, the ‘big three’ made an estimated $14.2 million a day from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music practically in other words music streaming saved the music business and its investors despite having the worst payout amongst streaming companies which is  another area that needs to be fixed from within the music business. Google & Tidal are the two music streaming companies with the largest artist payout in the business. Go figure!

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