T-Mobile & Sprint Merge 📱 To Form 5G Goliath, But What This Means For Entertainment?

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But seems more like T-Mo consumed Sprint..

Well regardless of what I think, the news finally broke after years of carriers teased with potential meetings and plans. Two of the nations biggest carriers, Sprint & T-Mobile announced their merger over the weekend, to create a combined 127.2 million wireless subscribers. Formerly, T-Mobile was ranked at number 2 and Sprint ranked at number 5 overall with wireless carrier ranking, seems more like T-Mo consumed the workings over at Sprint since the new company will be called (drumroll please…..T-Mobile!!). Not only does this give T-Mo an edge to keep one spot above AT&T Wireless  but it also gives them to enabled 5G capabilities to compete with Verizon Wireless, who’s also holding the number 1 spot for quite a few years when it comes to wireless services.


How much faster ‘at your fingertips’ mean for the wireless user? This remains a big deal for partners of both companies. Sprint known more so for their partnerships with music streaming service, Tidal amongst other entertainment groups, while T-Mo supports an unlimited music streaming service with more than one major streaming services except Tidal. So what does this say for the future of music streaming? No word as yet on how this affects services be it better or will it interrupt, the music streaming services temporally along with the unlimited feature with Netflix.


My guess is that since the merger will maintain the T-Mobile, trademark and company branding, the incoming plans will only convert, Sprint’s stores into the Magenta, Yellow and Black along with its 5G plans, Jump feature, iPhone upgrade program and its unlimited ‘Binge On’ data streaming for entertainment services.


The merger was meant to support a $40 billion investment into the transition from 4G LTE towards their new and improved 5G plans, according to Wired.

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