The New Street-Legal #Lotus 3-Eleven 🏎️ Does 0-60mph In 3.1secs

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Limited to 20 cars

Once the home to Swizzbeats as he held the VP of creative design and global marketing of the brand, Lotus once again amazes the pockets of the wealthy by introducing their latest release and limited to 20 pieces the Lotus 3-eleven 430, takes things up a a few notches by being the fastest street legal car the brand has produced.  The Lotus is equipped with a supercharged and charge-cooled 3.5- L, V6 engine producing 430 hp going from 0 to 60 in just about 3.1 seconds according to the company. Minus the creature comforts for the extravagant the 3-Eleven is sports car comfort, which gives you a 100% shot of adrenaline and good old fashion way.

All while the model will be limited down to 20, for the real fans who crave street legal race cars and they’ll be the last models of the classic brand’s 3-Elevens produced, according to TopGear. It cost will run you around $142,000 USD before options; But you can add another $11K- $20K if you want custom tonneau cover and a removable steering wheel, roofless car essentials, titanium exhaust that you ought to tick off a few people if that’s what you’re into. Besides the tag, the car comes with push to start and has a complex traction control system and some massive brakes to ensure the safety of driver and the 1 passenger the sports car is designed to hold. There’s a pleasingly traditional six-speed manual gearbox, too.

360 View of the Lotus 3-Eleven after the JUMP

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