The #OppoFindX 📱 Smart-Device Displays A New Camera Trick & More Details

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Edge to edge display, minus the notch…

The Oppo Find X is finding a major look with tech fans and the Asian fan base where it will make its debut. The X, uses HD displays as a base for display while sporting an edge to edge almost bezel-less, the smart-device is steering up more than enough controversy based on its unlikely features that we never knew we needed but now we want. The innovations on the new Find X, including the amazing panoramic 6.4 inches face design that covers a 93.8% ratio, with holeless front and rear panels, O-Face 3D Structured Light. The design ultimately give the device an ability unlike others to invest in.

The Android device created an interesting design to its no visible camera on the body of the device. Oppo celebrates the new ‘stealth’ / hidden 3D cameras, not only does it include the 25-megapixel front camera (to intelligently analyzes features such as face, nose, and eyes, etc. to naturally personalize your selfie.) and dual rear 16MP + 20MP camera, but also a ‘3D Structured light’ module with many high-tech components including…



more below…

  • Flood illuminator (used for facial recognition the device throws out an invisible infrared light onto the user’s face to properly read the 30,000 facial points)
  • Infrared camera (used to detect heat)
  • Proximity sensor (a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact)
  • Dot projector (used to calculate depth)
  • 3D Omoji to capture facial expressions
  • ColorOS 5.1 has been redesigned for the Panoramic Arc Screen to achieve a more user-friendly interface and interaction.

As labeled below in its unique design uses a sliding feature atop the device to hide the camera when not in use and allow it to neatly and safely appear from the rimless bezel.

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