This Is The New #Bugatti Chiron Sport 🏎️ & It Comes With A $3-Million Price Tag

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Bugatti Chiron Sport

Dubbed the ‘hypercar’…

Will probably never see one in real life, prob never sit in one or ever take a pic standing in front of one, but, the car is out for triple the price of the original beginners which was tagged at $1.3 M’s  a few years back. Bugatti introduced the improved Chiron Sport on Tuesday at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

The new Sport, maintains the similar power and acceleration details as the standard Chiron hyper-grand tourer, but with vastly improved handling, driving dynamics and obviously sleekness of the car have been improved.  According to various auto blogs the Bugatti put the improved Chiron on a diet which helped help the car simultaneously lightened up and increase its speed including the custom lightweight wheel and the use of carbon fiber in areas such as the stabilizer, windshield wiper, and intercooler cover plus another 40 LBS to cut out from the car in a bid to better balanced the car.

Of course, a lighter car means a more expensive car when you’re talking about high-end supercars. So the cost of the liposuction and facelift of the new face of the brand will feature the Chiron Sport at a $3.26 million base price.

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