#Thrashbird Turns Ruins Into Oversized LUX 👜 Handbags

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Street artist turn to ruins…

The Los Angeles-based street artist of unverified found a quick and most effective way to create his statement. Creating an identity known for his billboard takeovers, stencils and wheat-pastes the street artist now turned to the ruins of Lime, Oregon to develop his next platform.  The street artist turned to what use to be an eyesore to most people, condemned and decaying buildings are being transformed into the ironic eye catching memorials to designer handbags. In search f abandonment, Thrash brings a spotlight to the untilitazed, previously owned land. The ruins becomes alive once you step back and see all the designers bangs that now occupy the vastness that can be seen spotted throughout the property.

In a post trash says that the visual crumbling of the passage as time past upon his first take on the landscape 3-years ago, the conception of the idea took shape till he returned to the earth as is. Utilizing the metaphor of abandoned in the blowing dust, the visual metaphor was too strong to disregard.  Returning with the cause of bringing eyeballs to the scape that will be graced by the designer impressions across the visual distances.

You can peep the video titled ‘thrashbird’s valley of secret values’ above and you can also JUMP to the next page where the images are available of each one of the iconic bags.

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