#Yeezy Adds Basketball Sneakers As Part Of His 2019 Sneaker 👟 LineUp

Kanye West/Twitter
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Ye got the answer…

The Yeezy runners have been one of the most Instagramable sneakers of the year thus far and easy to admit that Kanye West other than Virgil has been one of the most influential persons from within the fashion industry. His partnership with Adidas has not only been lucrative but also the entertainer / designer has single handedly influenced streetwear from a highend approach.

Now Ye seeing the value in his productions has recently announced his 2019 lineup additions with basketball sneakers. The rare decision to get into the sports world is basically a no brainer as he has the opportunity now with some clout per-say to work with Adidas an attract an entire new consumer base with his latest lineup in 2019. The seven pairs will make it’s debut sometime in 2019 while his Yeezy Boost 700 runners will make their appearance in November and again in December.

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Kanye has unveiled Yeezy’s 2019 line up. It includes 350V3, 700V3, 451, 1050, 500V2, TERREX, basketball shoes.


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