#Yeezy Basketball Sneaker 🏀 Plans Another Jump Over Jumpman

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Can Yeezy do it a second time?

A didas and Yeezy are planning new entries into the sporting industry. Early this summer release some demo’s of what has been seen to be basketball sneakers possibly being prepped for production hit the internet creating a slew of speculations on sneaker and sports sites. Well Ye was seen at UCLL to confirm the upcoming release, and to tryout his latest design, with a few other celebs in pairs of Yeezy basketball sneakers seen in the image of sneakers released Spring/Summer. But is the sneaker entry into basketball worth the fight? Some say it is, as Adidas also has a hold inside college basketball not without saying that they are currently in a legal battle of illegal payments made to Louisville and Miami which have been named in past documents, and were also named in the one filed in New York federal court in addition to Kansas and North Carolina State becoming newly implicated schools in the FBI investigation over sport’s student-athlete payment scandal. Will this hurt Yeezy or will the new sport model release from Ye make it onto the courts of the NBA without the Adidas assist? or would it become a streetwear sneaker as his past sneakers have been? Including resale value amongst so many other questions I have.

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I think Kanye’s entry into the sports world is probably one of his biggest hurdles yet he will have to face retailing a new fashion / sportswear product alongside his working on his latest release of ‘Yandhi’ which is a new album Kanye announced on Thursday days before the release scheduled for a Saturday streaming debut. Seems like Ye has a lot on his plate but music of all things positioned him there. Moreso his basketball sneaker entry worth Adidas new headache. One of the two models are currently being on promo by Kanye as he scouts around town in shorts and a hoodie.

How do you view Kanye’s basketball entry into the sports world in 2019? Check out the flix after the jump.

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