#Youtube Partners W/ #Eventbrite For Ticket 🎟️ Promotions

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Artist tour dates get extra promo..

T he video streaming giant, YouTube and the growing tech platform, Eventbrite are announcing a new partnership. To make it easier for viewers  and fans alike to buy live performance tickets. The new experience is launching on YouTube via official artist accounts, where viewers will be presented with concert listings in the US courtesy of Eventbrite.

Anyone who wants to purchase one of these tickets available, will be able to directly do so from the artist’s video page. A year ago the site had limited its tickets with the announcement to Ticketmaster. Why is the partnership with Eventbrite important to artist and fans? While not all artist are able to reach Ticketmaster status, thats where Eventbrite fill in the huge gaps. The introduction of using Eventbrite will allow more artist, indie and signed who does not have the standard relationship with the major Ticketing company Ticketmaster, be able to use Eventbrite and its features to pick up and take them where they need to be an exploit live performances for the artist sake. With YouTube has become a music hub, with 60 percent of Americans between the ages of 35 and 54 claiming they visit the site at least once a week for music-related content, according to a Google study it makes perfect business to allow artist and fans to exploit this option to promote live performances.


The feature is labeled under the music video with the blue ‘ticket’ widget, option that takes you directly to point-of-purchase on the Eventbrite page. According to Ticketmaster the program will expand depending on its success to more musicians in North America and eventually see a global rollout.


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